Oct 01

Check your calendar.

Lunch with Mary on Tuesday, book club on Sunday, ovulate on Monday.

If someone looked at your calendar right now, they would know when you are set to ovulate and when your next period is due. Actually, if someone looked back 6 months ago, they would know all your recent menstrual cycles and your dates to “bing, bang, boom” your husband/partner. Fertility doctor wants to know when your last period was? Easy as pie! Just look it up on your calendar. Planning a business trip? Just schedule it around those ovulation dates. A shared calendar is also great so your husband/partner will always know when he’ll “get some” or when your scheduled to burst into tears.

“No, I can’t get together next Tuesday, Sally. I am supposed to spend that entire day crying and feeling miserable. How about the following week?”

Charting your ovulation and period dates on your work calendar is recommended.

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4 Responses to “#884 You mark your ovulation dates on your calendar”

  1. Claire says:

    I do that! My boss asked what the x's were on my calender…um…nothing?

  2. Pregnant Yuppy says:

    I'm always worried that guests will look at our calendar and wonder what the dark circle and the little hearts mean (AF & gettin' busy).

  3. finding_ac says:

    i did this on my work calendar, and it took me forever on how to learn how to make the entries private…who knows what people saw before i learned that trick…and everytime i do a calendar at home it gets lost and it sucks so much!


  4. irrationalexuberance says:

    Amusing — I do the exactly the same thing. Like Finding, I also had a lot of trouble remembering to make entries private, which was a drag b/c my entire team had access to my calendar. Sort of hard to explain that one away…