Aug 05

You can never win with the infertile.

You cry when someone thinks you have a baby bump, and you sob when someone thinks you look too thin. There has been times when relatives thought your excess love handles was a pregnancy, and other times when they couldn’t believe how slim you looked.

This is the first time in your life that you do not want to look skinny. You attend a party at your cousins house and they ask if you’ve lost weight. “Look at you,” They comment. “You are looking so slim.” But you don’t want to look slim! You want to look pregnant and fat and rounder. You want your face to swell, acne to blossom and your ankles to be unrecognizable. You want your legs to resemble tree stumps, your arms to flap in the wind and your collar bone to completely disappear.

How dare they say you look thin!

You might have been eating better and going to the gym more but do they really have to emphasize how flat your stomach has gotten? There is really no winning with you. You don’t want to look slim and you don’t want to look fat.

You just want to look and be pregnant.

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