Jul 21

And you call yourself a responsible adult!

Did you know that if you have been trying for over two years, you have probably ingested over 1,000 Prenatal Vitamins and thousands of other fertility medications? You have prided yourself for giving up alcohol, not smoking, and reducing your caffeine intake but you seem to have neglected to tell your doctor that you are a bit of a drug addict.

Sometimes you need a hit so bad your husband will stick a needle right in your behind or you will take a pill with your meal right in a public venue. There could be children present you know! But nothing stops you. You might take up to 7 pills a day and then beg your doctor to try another kind if it didn’t have the desire affect. You might even ask him or her to increase your dosage.

And you expect to be a parent and raise children? Someone call social services!

5 Responses to “#945 You are a (fertility) drug addict”

  1. finding_ac says:

    ha ha ha ha ha!!

    ♥ ac

  2. Eileen says:

    My husband shoots me up every night in the kitchen… and sometimes the kitties even watch. Shhhhhh, don't call the ASPCA on me ;-).

  3. cloujn says:

    oh i’m guilty…i take 13 “fertility friendly” vitamins & supplements per day…and I hoard all my remaining alcohol pads and extra follistem needles and anything leftover from each cycle. I’m afraid to throw away the unneeded vials of diluent solution, and I’m secretly impressed with my –almost full– sharps container. I have a fertility shelf in the cabinet where my crystal used to be stored.

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  5. After 3 years of abstaining from alcohol my wife got pregnant within a month of coming off the pill. I’ve no proof, but I’m convinced that she got pregnant so easily because I’d not had a drop of alcohol in that time!