Jun 11

Remember when girls night out use to be going out for drinks with your best girlfriends and chatting about boyfriends or how it sucks to be single?

Your new Saturday nights now include going to book club and listening while your friends chat about their new babies. You love your friends babies, you really do but sometimes when you are sitting with a bunch of new moms, you have to fake a smile. You often find yourself in the midst of ‘moms night out’ and end up spending most of the evening talking to the only single girl who is probably feeling even worse than you. You will go home and cry to your husband, she goes home, puts on a Rod Stewart album and drinks an entire bottle of wine herself thinking that she will die alone. New moms have a way of chatting endlessly about their babies bowel movements, the latest spit up and the new cute thing that their precious little one did that day. New moms seem to forget that non-moms can’t really relate yet. We try, but we are so engrossed in our own infertility issues that talking about baby Mandy’s poopie diaper isn’t a high priority for us.

Depending on the time of the month, you should really consider if you even want to spend a whole night out with those baby mamas. If you are still in that “I could be pregnant” phase, than go out and enjoy! You might be a mama soon too! But if you just got your period that day, seeing a bunch of new moms and their babies might make you spend the entire evening crying in their bathroom. You decide. Listen, you don’t mean to act like this. You definitely don’t want to feel like this especially because you are truly happy for your friends, but it’s okay that you do. So the next time, you go out for ‘moms night out,’ prepare yourself ahead of time – drink before hand and wear a baggy shirt to make you feel pregnant. It’s a little sick but it’s still okay!

4 Responses to “#971 Your girls night turned into moms night out”

  1. jill says:

    it's a little sick but it's still okay. …. a total girl after my own heart! seriously, though. you are SUCH an incredible writer!

  2. Jen says:

    I just found your blog from your facebook post and oh my gosh, you just described my entire weekend. College girlfriends get-away to Chicago. Thought I could be pregnant from recent IUI so no drinking for me. Then, on the day we left for home, the "signs" arrived and I knew I wasn't pregnant. So, a full weekend of baby/kid talk and totally sober, only to be disappointed that I wasn't going to be joining their club this month…it was tough. Still feeling blue. So thank you for your funny blog. It made me smile today!

  3. Mandy says:

    Thank you so much for this one! This is exactly how I feel whenever I have a girls' night…

  4. madeleine says:

    um, are you spying on my life??