May 11

You really miss the occasional glass of wine or cool sip of beer. Let’s face it, you have been ttc for months or years and you could really use some alcohol. But you don’t, just in case. You might slip up and have a sip on occasion. But in general, you are as sober as they come. Now, when you get your period, it is the best time to drink or get drunk.

Be honest, do you get drunk when you get your period?

12 Responses to “#995 You haven’t drank alcohol in 4 years, just in case”

  1. junecleaverwouldbeshocked says:

    Never got drunk on my period, no. Not a big drinker in the first place, and it’s a good thing – it’s been about six years here. No, seven. Nine months of TTC, nine months pregnant, two years breastfeeding the little angel (I’m convinced that babies that are longer getting here are luckiest of all, we’re so thankful for them that there isn’t much we won’t do for them) and then immediately began TTC #2, for the next 13 months, nine months pregnant, 18 months breastfeeding and still going… I want a margarita!!!

  2. panther says:

    Yes! Just got the period today and DH is out at the store getting wine now…

  3. Carol says:

    Yep – having a glass now

  4. Jenny H. says:

    i've just given up all the rules and if I want a drink i have one…I was sick of people who know we're ttc (a.k.a. my mother-in-law) getting her hopes up that I was pregnant if I said "no thanks" to a glass of wine at supper.

    My friends have told me that their doctors said there is really no danger in the odd drink here or there especially that so many of those people who are "accidently pregnant" don't even find out until 6 weeks…which is BS in my opinion…if I was two weeks late I would have taken about 12 hpts but whatever!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I'm still under the delusion that today I could still be pregnant…though Aunt Flo is scheduled for today or tomorrow and she's always on time…so, even though she hasn't "officially" arrived, I went out to lunch with my dear husband at a Mexican restaurant and had 2 frozen margaritas(after church at that)! Mainly b/c I also had to lie to a friend who was having a baby shower (for her FIFTH, yes 5th, child)- I just couldn't bring myself to go- I actually said that I had work to finish. Those drinks were good and delicious.

  6. Angela says:

    YES! Don't you just hate when you are in the 2 week wait and you don't drink and you people are wondering why? That's why I always make sure I'm driving and use that excuse.

  7. Dani says:

    I think I drink more, now. It's like I am trying to trick Murphy's Law or "pretend" we aren't trying. As in "OMG I was totaly hung over when I took my pregnancy test and lo and behold it was positive!". Hasn't happened yet.
    Also it helps in social situations so people who know we are trying dont ask if we are rpegnant. One glance to my belly and I order a long island iced tea.

  8. Lili says:

    I do that. I do not drink from day 10 to end of the cycle but during the period it's 1 desperados a day ^^'

  9. Yandi says:

    well not that bad, but when I get a BFN and have not started the new protocol I do drink !

  10. says:

    Definitely. As soon as I start my period, it’s crying, then drinking. *sigh*

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