May 11

You have been waiting for those 2 magical days a month – ovulation days! You get prepared to seduce your partner tonight, you wait for him to get home…. He calls you to say he is going out tonight with the boys. IS HE KIDDING? You have been waiting for those magical days all month – those days that give you the smallest amount of hope, and he won’t be around. I also love when he is ‘too tired.’ Too tired? Isn’t he the same guy who begged for sex while you were dating? Oh, he is having sex tonight, I’ll tell you that much.

Has this ever happened to you?

5 Responses to “#994 You get mad at your partner when he is not available on ovulation days”

  1. junecleaverwouldbeshocked says:

    God help him if he ever tried it. He knew he would be paying for a looooooong time if he was unavailable at the wrong time! :p

  2. panther says:

    Yes!! He was unavailable last month because he was taking his other kids (from another marriage) out! Can you imagine the way I felt? I go through this month after month hating those other kids and ex-wife. In the end I forced him to do it at midnight after a lot of fighting…

  3. Guera! says:

    I only ovulate every other month and it's important to note that my pregnancy plan includes a baby being born in the month of May so lo and behold…in keeping with my pregnancy plan, August happened to be the month in which I ovulated. Perfect! What were the chances?! If I didn't get pregnant in August my pregnancy plan would be in shambles. What was dh doing that day? Suffering from the effects of a pre-colonoscopy liquid and laxative diet. Sigh..

  4. FailingAtBabyin' says:

    My DH travels extensively for work, and you better believe I was NOT HAPPY when he couldn’t take the 5 hour flight back home in the middle of the week to “take care of business”. It happened for 3 consecutive months. Whats funny and/ or sad, is that he was home the weekend before & after.Stupid job! :-)

  5. 4EVERF8 says:

    @panther: I totally understand! Granted I get along great with my step son and love him to no end, there are moments I want to scream, like when he (my step son) asked me to get the morning after pill for his girlfriend b/c they were afraid they might be preggers at 17! REALLY, FML!