May 12

Have you done this? It’s a friend’s party and know that people are wondering when you are going to start “trying” but they won’t ask. You make yourself feel better by wearing a baggy shirt, allowing people to jump to their own conclusions. I personally have a few “let’s-pretend-I’m- pregnant” t-shirts for family events. You secretly find it nice when you notice them looking at your shirt. If people want to believe you are pregnant, you won’t correct them. It’s unhealthy, yes, but if it makes you feel better, go for it!

How many fake pregnancy shirts do you own? You know those shirts that seem to be baggier than necessary….Be honest.

3 Responses to “#992 You wear baggy shirts to pretend you are pregnant”

  1. Rebecca Watson says:

    three! lol.

  2. Kraig Garate says:

    I couldn’t agree more…

  3. Suzanna says:

    I tend to do the opposite. I am the oldest of 7 kids, and I’ve always wanted to be a mom. So… Ever since the day I got married everyone has been watching out wondering if I’m pregnant yet. So when I pack for any trip I make sure I don’t grab any baby-doll shirts or the like that may be confused with trying to hide a baby bump. I’ve been asked so many times if I AM pregnant… I don’t want it to be because I look it, unless I am. Boy will I show it off then =)