May 14

Admit it… You have been ttc for months or years. In the back of your mind you wondered what it would be like if you tried to maximize your fertility by having multiple partners in one month. You love your husband very much and you would NEVER act out those secret thoughts but it has crossed your mind briefly.

If I had sex with my ex-boyfriend, co-worker and my husband during one month would I get pregnant? Thoughts are okay but it does show that we might be a little too obsessed with baby-making. Of course, you would have to explain to your husband why the baby doesn’t look like him. Ladies, let’s keep our thoughts to ourselves.

Anyone want to admit it?

13 Responses to “#989 You have (secretly) thought about having multiple partners to maximize your fertility”

  1. JackieMac says:

    I will admit to that one – I love this blog – all of this is so true and it has made me laugh.

  2. Infertile "hoping to be fertile" Naomi says:

    Thanks Jackie! Either we can laugh about this or cry and I am tired of crying.

  3. Anonymous says:

    #899 Must admit it too, I have thought about it. Just like you I love my husband too much too.

  4. Hollister says:

    LMAO!!!!!! YES!!!!!! I want to sleep with those trashy poor 19 year old guys who push their babies, walking along next to huge dirty girls!! They must have super sperm.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So true! But let’s laugh off!

  6. Where's My Stork? says:

    I have totally had this thought…but would never say it out loud

  7. FailingAtBabyMakin' says:

    So true! … Even wondered:
    a) What baby by “not-DH” would look like
    b) Whether anyone would even notice that baby did not look like DH, and actually looked like DHs BF (or boss, or brother, or anyone else he knows that has more than 1 baby, or that got his wife/ girlfried pregnant “without even trying”)

  8. hee says:

    even worse. I was thinking of not only having multiple partners myself, but getting my husband to have multiple partners…. thinking that would higher our chances even more…. years of ttc has relaxed my sense of monogamy quite a bit

  9. Brandy says:

    Well, I’ve pretty much lost faith in myself, but I’ve told my husband that IF he ever decides to cheat on me, he better get her pregnant the first round, and then prove her unfit and get custody of the baby (and then bring it home to me), and that’s the only way I’ll forgive him. It would be like a “free surrogacy”! HAHAHAHA! Just kidding, he knows not to cheat on me ever, I’m already crazy enough from infertility as it is! God bless him, he puts up with a lot :)

  10. Sinan Ozyol Poops Himself says:

    Well, it would be cheaper than getting it from a sperm bank. I secretly wished that I’d kept all our used condoms from our early marriage years and stuck them in the freezer. Then if he’s not in the mood when the OPKs say we need to do it, I can defrost the specimens & use the turkey baster. Much easier than actual sex.

  11. Heather says:

    When I think about it, I just try and think who looks enough like Dh for the baby to pass!

  12. Lil D says:

    So true!

  13. Narnia says:

    Oh so true, so true !! We’ve never tested the compatibility of my egg & his sperm (is there a test for this?!) but I keep thinking that if I try with someone else maybe I might just get pregnant!! But again, it’s just a thought…