Oct 20

They say it helps to write a letter to your unborn (or future) baby when you are struggling with infertility….Give it a try.

Dear Baby,

As I anxiously wait to conceive you, many thoughts run through my head. Will your head be shaped like a test tube? What if they implant the wrong embryos into my uterus? What if I accidentally squirted you out into the toilet bowl? Sometimes I wonder if you will ever be real. I’ve been a bad mother already – having the occasional drink and missing a Folic Acid pill or two (or three). I’m sorry I’ve turned your nursery into my beautiful walk-in closest but I had no where to put all of those shoes. Daddy really wants you to come too so mommy can stop being an emotional wreck and ruining his marriage. After all our fertility costs, we might not be able to afford to send you to college, buy you new clothes or even feed you but mommy and daddy still love you very much. And no one (but child social services) can take that away from us.

You are worth the wait.

With love, your parents

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15 Responses to “#871 A letter to your unborn baby”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    haha…i will put that one in the scrapbook next to the one i wrote my husband before meeting him…dear future husband, my heart is so sad that i have not met you yet…i cannot wait to spend thousands of dollars for a few hours of being in the spot light…i cannot wait to share life with you…our children will be beautiful (even though you don't know yet that we are both infertile which will cause years of pain and anguish as we wait 2 weeks at a time with bated breath)….

  2. Anonymous says:

    OH MY GOD I am actually going to put both of these letters in a real scrapbook. I wonder where I can find stickers to commemorate — you know, of negative pregnancy tests, the inside of a toilet bowl, streaky red toilet paper, a woman curled up weeping in the fetal position… YAY!

    - Beth

  3. Ali says:

    I want to say thank you for the laughs over the last week. We lost our daughter at 19wks 6days gestation on 10/10 and I have had very few reasons to laugh but your posts always get at least a smirk out of me these days

  4. InfertileNaomi says:

    Ali- I'm glad I could make you smile during your rough times.

  5. ally says:

    Just had my ER today and am feeling rough, thanks for the great entry today, they're all fantastic but this one is a real winner!

  6. Ariha says:

    I always loved to have twins since young.My first pregnancy was twins but I lost in about 6 weeks but its painful knowing that you can get what you want most.I cried so much.

    This post has made me want to create an entire new hobby.I gonna buy a diary or a scrapbook and start writing.Or maybe I should just start a blog for my future child to read. ;-)

  7. Noelle says:

    I love this! Thank you for making me smile in such a crappy time of my life.

  8. Laura says:

    This is priceless! Love it! You know, I remember way back, years and years ago, when I used to say: "I'm going to have natural childbirth, no drugs. And probably a home birth with a midwife. I want the best for my child." Now, after years of infertility, I say, "If I miraculously ever get pregnant with the assistance of ART, just knock me out when the kid is coming & gimme your best stuff. Junior will be fine!" Funny how this infertility thing changes your thinking!! :-)I think overall it will make us stronger & more flexible, resilient parents.

  9. Elissa says:

    This just made me laugh. thank you so much for your blog–I look forward to it every day!

  10. 100daysofIVF says:

    Naomi, I love what you are doing, each morning i read your blog and each morning i smile.

    I have now failed two IVF cycles and before that 4 IUI's, and for all those who commented and mentioned that you should journel or blog – it is the best thing you could possibly do… Not only is it a great way to express your emotions but i have found many new friends and a great support network that i could never have imagined possible…
    When i started my blog i wrote a letter to my future child and each time i read it it makes my heart hurt, but at the same time gives me the inspiration and encouragment i so despiratly need to go on.


    Thank you once more Naomi for your humour and inspiration – from http://www.100daysofivf.com

  11. Jendometriosis says:

    thanks for the laughs…as always…

    failed IUI number one…AF showed up today 4 days late :(

  12. AmandaMqn says:

    even on my worst IF days, you never fail to make me laugh!

  13. wifey says:

    hilarious! I needed a laugh today.

  14. LaurenKauf says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. With EVERY person close to me getting pregnant, and after 6 years of trying, a good laugh is in order. Thank you!

  15. dres says:

    This just made me laugh. thank you so much for your blog–I look forward to it every day! http://www.idresses.co.uk