May 13

Personally, I hate taking pregnancy tests because they all have been negative. At the beginning of “trying,” I felt excitement when I bought that pregnancy test and even took many tests 4 days prior to my expected period. ALL NEGATIVE! For those people (like myself) who have been trying for awhile, the pregnancy test always leads to disappointment so I have a love/hate relationship with those expensive tests.

Of course, sometimes I can’t help myself and buy one anyways. Here are my list of uncomfortable places where I took a test:

1) My friend got a positive result when she bought her test at the Dollar Store. I bought one and took it at the mall.
2) On a vacation in Australia, in a bathroom at Victoria Market.
3) A couple times at work, sadly.
4) My mother-in-law’s house. Always remember to wrap up the test in a lot of tissue or it could lead to much embarrassment (this is from personal experience).

This by far is probably my worst place and I should have waited until I got home…

5) An airplane bathroom! First of all, these bathrooms are probably the most unhygienic place there is but it was a long flight and I couldn’t wait. I was grumpy the rest of the flight.
Where is the worst place you ever took a pregnancy test?

12 Responses to “#991 You have taken a pregnancy test in locations other than your home”

  1. Jen says:

    On my lunch break at school (I’m a teacher)!

  2. junecleaverwouldbeshocked says:

    On a camping trip. At least there was a bath house…I probably wouldn’t have tried that in the woods!

  3. Cherish says:

    Just found your website and love it! Probably the worst was a dirty gas station bathroom while on a road trip.

  4. foxypopcorn says:

    We never announced to friends or family that we were trying – and have been lying to them about why we are waiting to try whenever the topic comes up – its been so much easier that way. But at every social event, everyone is on watch to see who is not drinking. It's these social functions that catch me away from home – hiding in public restrooms, or guest houses, or friends bathrooms – and leaving a huge wad of TP behind to conceal my test. haha.

    God forbid I get caught not drinking!

  5. foxypopcorn says:

    you didn't mention the daily ovulation tests – those things have been all over the place with me the past 6 months. at home its fine, but almost every weekend we take the show in the road. First pee of the day, I sneak my toiletry kit to the bathroom, do my thing, hide the strip behind some toiletry item, casually wander to a clock, wander back to the bathroom about 3 minutes later, unhide the ovulation pee strip, make a mental note the colors, then wrap the thing up in way too much tp, and continue on with my single cup of coffee. the glory of it all! hahaha

  6. says:

    In the bathroom of an adoption agency.

  7. Lyndsay says:

    June- Did it on a camping trip as well! My friends were like where are you going, I told them I had to poop so they would leave me alone LOL.

  8. Sinan Ozyol Poops Himself says:

    In a church bathroom.

  9. says:

    in a bathroom at macys
    at my MIL house
    in my car in a parking lot (it was dark)

  10. Marta says:

    My strangest location was in the bathroom of an outdoor public pool.

  11. Lil D says:

    -The family I was staying with while I was waiting for my husband to move down with me
    -Bathroom of one of the buildings on my college campus

  12. Renee says:

    I have actually taken a pregnancy test in two foreign countries (Italy & France) now in different years! We found out we were expecting in France on New Years Day 2012 but that sadly ended in miscarriage and we were in Italy for New Years 2013 and that test was negative. =(